Tuesday, 5 July 2011

The Stairs of Hell

I walk every day as part of my new daily regime to strengthen my heart . Living in a quiet little hamlet by the beach offers some excellent walks with beautiful scenery to help make those hard yards more enjoyable. One such walk, The Boardwalk, extends around the edge of Tilligerry Creek and down as far as the caravan park, a round trip of 5.4 kilometers. The trail winds through the mangroves, goes through a lovely park and then extends through the bush for the next leg to the caravan park. Each day I have upped the ante and gone a little bit farther before turning back for home.

Yesterday I reached this.

 It took me three goes to reach the summit and another 10 minutes to recover. Even so, I was determined that my goal over the next couple of walks would be to reach the summit of the stairs of hell in one go.

On the descent there was a group of three elderly citizens also on a fitness walk. The first, an elderly man in his late 60's, sprinted up the stairs of hell as if it was nothing. The second, a woman about the same age, breezed past barely raising a puff. The third, a gentleman who was older still, overtook the other two near the top.

Recovery can be a demoralizing experience.

I take comfort in the fact that Rome wasn't built in a day.

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