Sunday, 10 July 2011

Greeting Etiquette

I am constantly surprised by the friendliness of other walkers that we meet on our daily walk. It's like being in a special club, regardless of size or shape you are accepted as almost a friend. The greetings range from a nod to an almost full blown conversation. I mentioned this strange phenomenon to my partner who accompanies me every day.

"Look at dogs" he said. "When they meet they wag their tails, sniff butts and go on their way. Humans are no different. It's just greeting etiquette."

As we rounded the bend, a couple were striding towards us. As per usual, they both gave us the customary greeting as they passed.

"See what I mean?" I said.

He stopped and looked at me. "Would you prefer to sniff butts?"

It's funny how a simple statement like this changes everything. The minute he spotted walkers coming towards us, he would start sniffing the air like an old bloodhound. By the time they were within earshot he would stop, but this morning he couldn't help himself. He greeted an elderly couple with a cheerful 'good morning!' and an audible sniff.

"My nose is running," he said.

I guess that's why dogs have wet noses....

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