Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Sex at 82

My mother is getting pretty tech savvy and has come a long way since that first lesson on the internet at the local library. Gone are the days of the tearful phone calls when her screen disappeared after a little venture into 'Control Panel.' Nowadays its only the odd toolbar that has decided to migrate to the side of the screen that I have to fix.

She has a Facebook account, a Twitter account and uses Skype. She is getting a bit of a following on Twitter - I am a bit jealous that HotNHairy and FlexMyMuscles don't follow me. Her new found fame however has a side effect. Her emails.

She always sends me those cute emails of puppies and kittens in various poses and clean, funny jokes that make you groan. I don't know what changed but there it was in my inbox. Three Little Ducks. A risque tale of three ducks and one called Puddles. I wont go into details.....

Fw:Fwd: FW: How Many Mice? followed shortly after. It had done the rounds of every bowling club in the state before it reached me. In a nutshell, the tagline was a moving graphic of two mice doing unspeakable things in a lightbulb.

The grand finale was Sex at 82.  Here it is:

I think next time I'm down in Melbourne it's time to put the child safe internet restriction on the computer. I wonder if she sent this one to HotNHairy?


  1. OMG Finally! Finally I have found someone with a Mum as demented as mine. So glad I am not alone. Today was talk of her sex life with the optometrist!
    Good stuff and Devil Cats are AWESOME!