Friday, 15 July 2011

Devil Cat Update 2

My granddaughter has been churning out Devil Cats at an unbelievable pace. I now have Devil Cats all over my house. They have been mainly rushed with not much thought put into them. This one was a standout because it was missing its hands and feet.

"What sort of Devil Cat is this?" I asked her. "It hasn't got any hands or feet."
She leans over and looks at it. "It's been in an accident - it doesn't have them.''
"Oh" I said. "It must have been a bad accident."
Her face goes all serious and she nods. "That's why it's got this."

She points to the side of it's face where the green lines are. I never would have got what the green lines were in a hundred years.

They're stitches.....

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