Thursday, 9 June 2011

Christmas in June

I have watched with interest the goings on with this old building in Hunter Street in Newcastle. After the last heavy rain the awning was hanging dangerously low and on the verge of collapse. A group of men which I assume were from the council dislodged the resident pigeons and their babies in a not so dignified manner and removed the offending part of the awning. After a few more days more people arrived to give the old building a coat of white. It was quite amazing how much this cleaned it up. This is where it gets interesting. A man armed with red paint and a stencil turned up and proceeded to stamp the white walls. Not content with that, next came the tizzy gold stripes between the red flowers. After a good windy day yesterday, the gold trim is peeling off. Who knows what this will look like by the end of next week. My first thought when I saw this? It looks like Christmas wrapping! Rumor has it that the new boss of the Newcastle Knights had a vision of buying some of the derelict buildings in Hunter Street, revamping them and turning Newcastle into the new Freemantle. Well, if this is one of those buildings, I suppose its a good start. Christmassy, joyous, bright and shiny, a little bit of bling to give a tired old street a lift. And if the rumour about the Knights boss isn't true, then who is getting this gem for Christmas?

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