Monday, 15 August 2011


Our house is a menagerie, with 2 small dogs who think they are humans, two cats who think they are dogs, a rainbow lorikeet named Rodney who dances and laughs and a cockateil called Bird who swears and has mastered whistling the Addams Family theme song. It makes for an interesting mix.

Rodney likes to lay in his cage on his back, juggling with his toys and crooning to them. He does this for hours on end., laughing away and jabbering in his own lorikeet language. Lorikeets are well known for their clownish antics and Rodney is no exception. My partner has often hinted at getting Rodney a little 'girlfriend' and breeding these wonderful birds.

But today, Rodney laid an egg.

So I guess he's not the handsome bird we thought he was. His athletic dances and showing off were just a sham. Rodney is really a Rodette.

Rodette. Doesn't have quite the same ring to it, does it?


  1. YOu have been awarded the Versatile blog award take a look at my blog entry for details

  2. Oh this makes me laugh so much as I kept parrots in the past and know to well about Rodneys!!!